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End Grain, Edge Grain, and Face Grain. The grain is what makes wood...well, wood. There are different benefits to each side of wood, whether it be appearance or durability, or a hybrid of the two.


The absolute best analogy to understand wood grain is to picture a bundle of uncooked spaghetti as the grains that make up wood.

Choosing a grain for a board is most important when choosing a cutting surface. Each side brings something unique to the table but it can also reflect in cost. Don't be afraid to go against the grain, choose what you like best!

Click HERE to be directed to a more thorough explanation of board choices.


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Below is an image of the tree trunk and the names of each part of how it is made from the inside out. The pith of course being in the direct center and the outer bark on the outside. The growth rings, heartwood, and sapwood amongst other parts of the tree are where you typically find color variations and "figure".

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